Welcome to St. Mel Catholic School! We are a school rich in tradition, Catholic identity, and academic excellence. On our website, you will learn what makes our school an excellent educational choice for your children.

St. Mel School was founded in 1959 by the Sisters of Mercy who had a vision where children are educated in heart and mind, formed to be men and women of faith, learning, virtue, and service to others. It is that vision that lives on today! Our students appreciate our proud history as well as the sense of community that supports them. Our commitment to the development of the whole child includes differentiated instruction. They develop their talents - academic, artistic and athletic. The achievements, attitudes, spirituality and well-being of our students are important to us as are their families.

The core curriculum is academically challenging and is designed to help students prepare for high school pursuits. St. Mel School offers many extra activities, including athletics, academic competitions, art exploration program, choir, drama, baton, STREAM week, Student Council, and other special events. Our Student Learning Expectations (SLE’s), encourage children to become life-long learners, develop care for self and others.

A Catholic faith identity is at the heart of St. Mel School. This is what sets us apart from other schools and draws us together as a community. Our students are afforded the luxury of having the religion curriculum woven into their daily school experience, opportunities to celebrate the sacraments, and participate in community service projects. I invite you to attend the second Sunday of the month school Mass at 10:00 a.m. There you will see St. Mel Catholic School students getting a head start on leadership as they serve as lectors, greeters, altar servers and sing in the children’s choir.

I have been blessed to be Principal of St. Mel School since 1990. My belief that faith and a strong parent-teacher-student partnership will empower the students of St. Mel School to become tomorrow’s leaders who are compassionate, confident, and articulate. After you have finished browsing our website, please call me at 916-967-2814, or email , to arrange a tour to experience for yourself the tradition of St. Mel Catholic School, “Integrating Faith with Academic Excellence”.

Welcoming New Students

St. Mel School is accepting applications for students entering Preschool, Transitional Kindergarten (TK), Kindergarten and grades 1 – 8 for the 2019-2020 school year. 

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2020 National Catholic Educational Association Award Winner - Sophie Diaz: Model of Virtues, Valor and Vision


Just one year ago, St. Mel student Sophie Diaz thought it was impossible. As she solemnly scanned the National Catholic Educational Association’s website full of accomplished elementary and high school students, she shrugged off their coveted Youth Virtues, Valor and Vision Award as a long shot beyond her reach.

Now here we are, with 8 th grader Sophie’s name on the exclusive list of this year’s award recipients. Out of hundreds of eligible 5 th through 12 th graders from across the country, Sophie was selected for the honor for not only her outstanding academic achievements, community service and devout faith, but also her environmentally-conscious approach to life that is having a tangible impact on her school, her community, and the world around her.

It all started with that signature Sophie humility that exudes wherever she goes.

After watching a life-changing documentary on the state of health and the damaging, long-term effects of the daily decisions humans make, Sophie’s approach to life as she knew it changed. It started at home where she decided to begin eating entirely vegan, a decision that initially prompted many sideways looks and regular dinnertime confusion amongst her large family. She also began brushing her teeth with homemade tooth paste, a concoction of baking soda and coconut oil she mixes herself to eliminate the use of harmful products. Her efforts extended to school, where she began to carry around metal forks and spoons, metal straws, and reusable water bottles to cut down on waste. She also changed the way she consumed products – urging her parents to buy in bulk and eliminate single-use items – and the way she disposed of them. Instead of sending scraps into the trash as she had most of her life, she started composting her own waste so that it could be reused.

What started for Sophie as a personal decision, proactively turned into something bigger than herself – a critical step that most people are content to forego. She shyly approached her peers on the St. Mel’s student council, a leadership committee she has served on for the past two years, with an idea for a compost bin to be utilized school wide. The bin, she explained, would cut down on waste and provide nutrients for other areas of campus. Modestly assuming the idea would be dismissed as dumb or unnecessary, Sophie was surprised to hear instant and complete support for her plan. Almost immediately following her presentation, the school purchased a large grey bin, an orange bucket and a bright yellow shovel, which Sophie uses daily to collect scraps from her schoolmates after lunch to discard in the bin. She then rolls up her small but mighty sleeves and rotates the soil regularly to ensure its potency, knowing the final bi-product will provide nutrient-rich fertilizer for the roses near the school’s church. She smiles proudly as she excitedly shares there are worms living in the compost, meaning it is indeed, viable soil for its next life cycle.

Sophie’s informed and impassioned actions have also impacted the way her family and friends view the world around them as well. Now, instead of reaching for a bag of chips, her friends proudly eat more fresh fruit and often ask her for her reusable bag when they do have discardable items – something Sophie takes home with her to dispose of more efficiently. And at home, Sophie’s inspiration has shifted the mindsets of her grandparents, parents and three siblings who have completely embraced her efforts and accepted her lifestyle not as a restriction, but as an opportunity to learn more and be part of the positive change she is leading.

To Sophie, her conscious effort to help make the environment better seems mundane. Almost too small to matter. But it’s her conviction and her commitment to action that sets her apart. As those that know her best say, Sophie always shows up. And she does . And she does all with humility and grace and her God-given abilities.

In addition to her environmental activism, Sophie is also an honor roll student, a regular community servant, a member of the St. Mel Academic Decathlon team, an accomplished gymnast, and a respected leader. Above all, she is a daughter, a sister, and a young woman of faith. Sophie has visions of changing the world, including altering the country’s policies on carbon emissions. And she will. As she confidently explains, “We have all the science. What we need more than facts is action .”

Her quiet confidence and humble demeanor may be interpreted by some as shy, but her ability to lead and inspire action has given her a platform that extends beyond her peers. And at thirteen years old, she is just getting started.

For all these reasons and so much more, the NCEA has honored St. Mel’s own Sophie Diaz as one of the nation’s recipients of the 2020 Youth Virtues, Valor and Vision Award.

Just one year later, Sophie was recently shown the current NCEA website. As she scanned this year’s list of accomplished winners, she quietly and humbly smiled as she located her name and photo among them. It wasn’t such a longshot, after all, for this once-in-a-generation student, activist, and child of God.

Letter From the Principal

Please join us for National Catholic Schools Week, our annual celebration that makes an education at St. Mel School outstanding! Starting with Sunday Mass on January 26, a whole week of planned activities will showcase our students’ accomplishments, and celebrate the community we have built to educate tomorrow’s citizens and church leaders.

The theme of our celebration is “Catholic Schools: Learn. Serve. Lead. Succeed.” The theme encompasses the core products and values that can be found in Catholic schools across the country. Not only are we their educators teaching students to become future servant leaders, faith-filled disciples and enriched citizens in our communities, we are also growing with them! In Catholic schools, we are all learners, servants, and leaders. These shared qualities are what make Catholic schools work. They are what make Catholic schools succeed!

The theme also focuses on key elements of Catholic education: faith development, academic excellence and dedication to service. These specific components set Catholic schools apart from other education options. They are why families make sacrifices to provide their children with a Catholic education.

I hope you will visit St. Mel School during National Catholic Schools Week, enjoy our students and learn about their faith development and community service projects. This year’s CSW community service project will benefit the Mercy Pedalers. Each grade will collect items for this philanthropy group who will distribute to men and women experiencing homelessness on the streets of Sacramento.

I would be remiss if I did not acknowledge Sophie Diaz, our eighth grader, who was selected as a 2020 National Catholic Education Association (NCEA) Virtues, Valor and Valor Award Winner! This award recognizes ten extraordinary young people in our Catholic schools from across the nation who, through their selfless service, innovation and commitment to social justice, are changing the world. Congratulations, Sophie! Tentatively, she is scheduled to receive the award during Catholic Schools Week.

I personally invite you to bring your friends and neighbors, particularly those who may be considering Catholic education for their children. I am grateful every day for our teachers, staff, board members, parents and scores of volunteers who make our school a success. National Catholic Schools Week is a great time for all of us to thank them for their dedication and service!

Sincerely In Christ,

Janet Nagel