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Welcome to St. Mel Catholic School! We are a school rich in tradition, Catholic identity, and academic excellence. On our website, you will learn what makes our school an excellent educational choice for your children.

St. Mel School was founded in 1959 by the Sisters of Mercy who had a vision where children are educated in heart and mind, formed to be men and women of faith, learning, virtue, and service to others. It is that vision that lives on today! Our students appreciate our proud history as well as the sense of community that supports them. Our commitment to the development of the whole child includes differentiated instruction. They develop their talents - academic, artistic and athletic. The achievements, attitudes, spirituality and well-being of our students are important to us as are their families.

The core curriculum is academically challenging and is designed to help students prepare for high school pursuits. St. Mel School offers many extra activities, including athletics, academic competitions, art exploration program, choir, drama, baton, STREAM week, Student Council, and other special events. Our Student Learning Expectations (SLE’s), encourage children to become life-long learners, develop care for self and others.

A Catholic faith identity is at the heart of St. Mel School. This is what sets us apart from other schools and draws us together as a community. Our students are afforded the luxury of having the religion curriculum woven into their daily school experience, opportunities to celebrate the sacraments, and participate in community service projects. I invite you to attend the second Sunday of the month school Mass at 10:00 a.m. There you will see St. Mel Catholic School students getting a head start on leadership as they serve as lectors, greeters, altar servers and sing in the children’s choir.

I have been blessed to be Principal of St. Mel School since 1990. My belief that faith and a strong parent-teacher-student partnership will empower the students of St. Mel School to become tomorrow’s leaders who are compassionate, confident, and articulate. After you have finished browsing our website, please call me at 916-967-2814, or email , to arrange a tour to experience for yourself the tradition of St. Mel Catholic School, “Integrating Faith with Academic Excellence”.

Welcoming New Students

St. Mel School is accepting applications for students entering Preschool, Transitional Kindergarten (TK), Kindergarten and grades 1 – 8 for the 2019-2020 school year. 

or call 916-967-2814
to schedule a tour! 

Student Learning Expectations

  • An Active, Responsible Catholic
  • A Moral and Ethical Individual
  • An Effective Communicator 
  • A Life-Long Learner
  • A Physically and Mentally Healthy Person 
  • An Independent Open-Minded Thinker

Letter From the Principal

What a blessed year this has been for St. Mel School! I am very grateful for the warm welcome you extended to new families who joined our school community during the year, including our new first grade teacher, Miss Weider. It has been a rich and blessed year of learning and achievement evidenced by the national achievement testing results, by the athletic and citizenship awards, student work displays, teacher formative assessments, and the many ways our students demonstrated our Schoolwide Learning Expectations – being Active, Responsible Catholics, Moral and Ethical Citizens, Effective Communicators, Lifelong Learners, Mentally and Physically Healthy, and Independent Open-Minded Thinkers. And always, the good manners we see in action in our classrooms, hallways and on the playground.

The graduating Class of 2019 enjoyed a wonderful brunch and Mass celebration for their hard work and accomplishments, and for most of them, 10-years of learning and growing at St Mel School! All of our graduates were accepted into the Catholic high school of their choice. We also celebrated our TK students in a ‘Growing Up’ ceremony the last week of school, and our Kindergartners' promotion into first grade. These wonderful celebrations were emotional and heart-warming with many families, extended families and friends attending.

We are welcoming our new fifth-grade teacher, Miss Galli-Cruz, who recently moved to Rocklin from the Bay Area. She is replacing Mr. Onderko who will now teach fourth-grade. And on a personal note, I have been asked by the Superintendent of Catholic Schools, Mr. Lincoln Snyder, to be a Regional Director. As Regional Director I’ll be responsible for overseeing two assigned schools, Holy Trinity in El Dorado Hills and St. John Notre Dame in Folsom. I will work cooperatively with their pastors, and provide leadership, support-coaching, and financial accountability to their principals. In addition, Regional Directors can provide instructional and curricular direction, including academic excellence, integration of technology, creativity and achievement for all students, and enhance Catholic Identity. I assure you that although this added responsibility may sound very involved and time-consuming, most of it can be accomplished through monthly meetings and limited site visits. I am principal of St. Mel School, and my duties as principal will continue, and always be, my top priority!

May God bless you and keep you in His care this summer. If I can help you in anyway, please call 916-967-2814, or email me, jnagel@stmelschool,org. Our summer office hours are Monday-Friday, 8:30 a.m. - 2:30 p.m. through June. The office is closed during July and will re-open Monday, August 5, 2019.