Extra Curriculars

At St. Mel School, we recognize that students engaged in activities outside of the classroom strengthen skills learned inside the classroom, foster team building and spirit, and help introduce children to new worlds of learning. We are proud to offer a full-range of extra-curricular activities that help educate the whole child:

Field Trips:

Our robust field trip program is integrated into each class and includes exciting hands-on experiences for students and parents, such as Sutter's Fort overnight, a week at Sly Park, a week at Journeys, as well as day experiences that include plays and museums.


St. Mel is proud to have its very own school choir that consists of students in grades 4th-8th. These talented and wonderful students help lead our school liturgies in song.

Yearbook Club:

Our students in 8th grade design and create an annual school yearbook that highlights the year's activities.

Academic Decathlon:

St. Mel students practice for and then compete against other area schools in academic subjects.

Religion Decathlon:

St. Mel students practice for and then compete against other area schools in a religious facts competition.

Christian Brothers Math Bowl Competition:

Math-loving students compete against other area schools in a math competition.


St. Mel School students experience a week of project-based activities in Science, Technology, Religion, Engineering, Art and Mathematics.

Service Club:

7th and 8th graders meet once per month to discuss the importance of service in the community and to participate in service activities.

In Addition, The School Has A Number Of Extra-curricular Activities That Parents Can Pay For But Are Offered On Campus:

  • Baton:
    Students in grades 1st-8th can participate in lunchtime instruction and perform at community events, school spirit rallies and the talent show.
  • Music Instruction/Band:
    Students in grades 2nd-8th can participate in a before-school instrumental music program.
  • Missoula Children's Theater:
    The largest children's touring theater company stops at St. Mel School once per year, and in one week students try out for and learn their parts, and then perform in a musical production .

The St.Mel Experience

  • Faith-filled community
  • Safe and secure gated campus
  • In Grades K-5, 12:1 student to teacher/aide ratio; schoolwide ratio is on average 14:1
  • Instruction that follows Diocese of Sacramento and Common Core Standards
  • Traditional Jr. High setting for 6th-8th grades that offers homeroom, plus specialized instruction with Jr. High School faculty in math, science, reading and writing
  • Computer instruction using state ­of the art technology and integrated into classroom instruction
  • Spanish immersion classes
  • Art Exploration Program
  • Robust music program that offers singing, rhythms and dance
  • Accelerated math classes for students working at a faster pace
  • Accelerated Reading program to improve student reading performance and critical thinking skills, and measured standardized assessments
  • Reading resource instruction in small groups to support and reinforce classroom differentiated instruction
  • Writer's Workshop and Six Traits of Writing interdisciplinary writing techniques to build fluency and excellence in writing across the curriculum
  • Physical education and extracurricular sports programs, including flag football, volleyball, basketball, cross-country, track and golf
  • Extra-curricular activities, including student council, choir, band, theater, baton, talent show and yearbook
  • Academic competitions, such as spelling and geography bees, religion and academic decathlons, plus art, choir, speech and math competitions
  • Added value classes, including before -school instrument/band and lunchtime baton
  • Before - and after-school care program
  • Summer program