Hear What Our Parents Say

You don’t need to hear it from us. Listen to what our parents say:

I’ve always regarded the reference to one’s college-- Alma Mater or “Nourishing Mother” as a bit over the top. But after reflecting more on the education of our children, I can’t help but think that it wouldn’t be a bad term for the school providing K through 8th grade education. Outside of the family, isn’t a developing child most influenced by his or her school? After all, they are surrounded by their peers, authority figures and the curriculum they must learn. My wife, Cristina, and I appreciate the fact that in spite of the academic challenges and increasing demands placed on teachers to raise test scores St. Mel’s has not lost the focus of teaching virtue and helping us parents to develop good character in our kids. The children at St. Mel’s are prepared well for the intellectual challenges of high school but they are also taught to use reason AND their faith in preparation for life.

We have no doubt that the Catholic Christian principle that each human being is uniquely dignified by God’s love is at the front of St. Mel’s School. The school has shown us its mettle by focusing on the formation of our children’s characters. It does this by rewarding charitable works (volunteer hours) and recognizing acts of kindness, justice, as well as the fortitude required for excellence in the classroom, playing field and society in general. When we interact with Mrs. Nagel, a teacher or Mrs. DeLuca, from the school extension program, we are reassured that our kids are not lost in the constant activity that flows past in a typical school day. When an issue has arisen, we have found school staff and administration to be responsive and thoughtful in its recommendations. There is an integrity that shows through in each and every person we have interacted with at St. Mel’s. The school mission is reflected in the sense of vocation we have observed. We have come to the conclusion that a truly Catholic school is only as good as the Pastor and religious that lead and support it. Fr. Sweeney and Fr. George are great examples of real men in the priesthood and are undoubtedly being used by God to inspire others to follow them to serve with passion.

This is why our family stands behind St. Mel’s School and Parish and hope any prospective parent who may read this will consider making St. Mel’s their children’s Alma Mater.

- Dr. Carlos Solis

We chose St. Mel Catholic School because we wanted an environment where our children are taught the same morals we teach at home; and where they are challenged academically.

The teachers at St. Mel have consistently demonstrated that they are dedicated to educating, as well as genuinely caring for, their students. We currently have two children at St. Mel and plan on sending our third.

The school has been a wonderful experience not only for our children, but for our family. We have found a warm sense of community where teachers and parents work together to help develop academic excellence, respect for one another and the basic moral values of life. Our children have learned life skills at St. Mel that they will carry with them throughout life.

St. Mel Catholic School has truly been a blessing to our family!

- Matt & Stephenie Walbeck

We enrolled our first child at St. Mel School 21 years ago and we have had a child enrolled there every year since 1995. The school has formed their lives both academically and religiously. St. Mel School has always remained true to Roman Catholic values. From their weekly masses to daily prayers the school has stressed the importance of faith and service to others. Academically the school challenges each child to grow and succeed. In the 21 years we have been there we have seen the graduates move on to the very finest universities our country has to offer. The school produces a remarkable number of extremely successful professionals. The administration and leadership has also been rock solid, which has led to an extremely close and committed group families each year. It is a community in every sense of the word. We have been fortunate to have the teachers, administrators and families at St. Mel School form our children's lives.

- Thomas and Maria Johnson