Building The Future. One Child At A Time

At St. Mel School we strive to recognize and discover the uniqueness of every individual and believe that the fundamental richness of the world comes from the uniqueness of each one. St. Mel School seeks to immerse our students, actually and virtually, in a population of students, faculty, and staff that is diverse not only in terms of talents and abilities, but also in terms of ethnicity, gender, faith, economics, and cultural background. This brings a richness, breadth of exposure, and life experience that is necessary to a full-rounded education.

The mission of St. Mel School is to promote academic excellence within a Catholic, faith-filled environment. A St. Mel education empowers students to become active, responsible Catholic adults whose lives reflect the Gospel values. The school's philosophy states that it is our job to provide opportunities for the development of right judgment and moral values, creative and critical thinking, and the acceptance of leadership roles. We focus on the successful development of the whole child and strive to meet the needs of all our students and families through various avenues to ensure that our student body is reflective of the community as a whole.

Understanding and respecting differences, and being enriched by them, rather than threatened, is part of our educational task. If we can create an environment where our students are learning directly with and from others from different backgrounds, we will be enriching the students' lives and increasing understanding about the world in which they live. As Pope John Paul II said, "Faith leads us beyond ourselves. It leads us directly to God."