Tuition And Registration Fees 2020-2021

No. of Children Parishioner rates Non-Parishioner rates
TK only $ 4,020.00 $ 4,555.00
$ 6,015.00 $ 6,925.00
$ 10,830.00 $ 12,660.00
$ 14,815.00 $ 17,555.00
$ 17,495.00 $ 21,145.00

Registration Fee, TK-7:         $425.00

8th Grade Registration:         $485.00

Sports Fee, Per Sport:              $75.00

Parent Club Dues:                  $100.00

Auction Commitment:            $150.00

(Note: The Parent Club Dues and Auction Commitment may be made in one payment or donate an item or service to the Silent or Live Auction, donation to be received two weeks before the event. If the donated item doesn't sell for at least $150, difference is due two weeks after the event)

St. Mel's Parishioner Rate:
The rate for families who are active participants in the life of this parish. "Active Participants" are those whose presence enrich the life of this parish community and who regularly attend Sunday Mass at St. Mel Church and use the Sunday envelopes. This status will be determined bi-annually by the pastor.

St. Mel's Non-Parishioner Rate:
The rate for all families who do not conform to the above definition.

Please Note:  A $44 set-up fee will be charged to each family who use FACTS. This fee will be collected when the monthly payment plan is activated. The fee will be waived with the annual and semi-annual payment plan.