The St. Mel School Extension Program is a before and after school program designed to meet the needs of busy families. Our goal each day is to provide a safe, healthy and positive atmosphere and compliment your child’s needs before and/or after the regular school day in a consistent faith filled environment. The Extension Program shadows the school’s policies, procedures and calendar. This program is offered to all children enrolled in St. Mel Catholic School in grades TK through Eight Grade. The curriculum and daily schedule of events is designed to complement the philosophy and value system of the school and families.

We are open on the days the school is holding classes, including minimum days. We are closed on holidays, Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter vacations and Teacher In-service Days. Typically, there are three scheduled Teacher In-service Days during the school year. The Extension program opens at 7:00 a.m. and closes at 6:00 p.m. Students have the ability to attend on-campus activities such as choir, band, baton, scout meetings, yearbook, athletic events, sport practices and academic meetings and are able to come to Extension before and after the activity. This provides continuity and safety in the student’s day and peace of mind for parents!

The St. Mel School Extension Program is not subsidized by the school or parish. Fees are the sole support of this program. They are many alternatives to choose from if you are in need of this service. The Extension Program tries very hard to be accommodating and affordable for various scheduling needs. Registration materials and a Fee Schedule for Extension are available on the school website.

Extension Philosophy

St. Mel Extension Program supports and supplements the family by providing a safe and comfortable environment for the children of St. Mel School. We provide a link between school and home, fulfilling the needs of the children, parents and our parish community.

We are an Extended Day Program of St. Mel School. Therefore, we adhere to the same philosophies, rules and regulations as stated in the School Parent-Student Handbook.

While the school has a structured environment, our Extended Care Program will provide a flexible setting for relaxation and learning. This will be done by providing adult supervisors who are sensitive to the psychological and physical needs of each child.

In following the philosophy and goals of the school, we will provide a bridge between the school and home environment. The main components of this program include: snack, study hall, supervision, recreation, and enrichment activities. We hope that your child will relax, thrive and develop closer friendships in a safe, caring, Catholic, Christian atmosphere.

St. Mel Extension Program does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, sex, age, national origin or handicap.

The Extension Program has an “OPEN DOOR” policy. Please remember to sign into the school office and get a visitor badge. Please feel free to drop by and see us in action or contact us at (916) 967-3105 or extension@stmelschool.org.