6th-8th Grade

In Junior High, we are building the bridge between child and young adult. At St. Mel School, we recognize the unique social and emotional needs of our adolescent students. Our program is structured to prepare students for high school academically, as well as help them developmentally build the bridge between childhood and young adulthood.Our curriculum design includes language arts, math, pre-algebra, algebra, religion, history, social studies, science with labs, computer applications, foreign language, study skills, physical education, library, music, and art. Our middle school program for 6th-8th Grade provides:

  • An emphasis on the use of higher-ordered thinking skills and hands-on instructional strategies
  • Educators who are knowledgeable about and committed to the young adolescent
  • Teachers who use varied instructional strategies for each child's success
  • A logical transition from the self-contained classroom of the elementary school setting to the departmentalization of the high school setting
  • A commitment to regularfamiJy involvement in the education of young adolescents, by keeping parents informed of student progress and school programs
  • A positive connection between the school and the communi!J, accomplished through student service projects